South Coast Nursing Homes –  Nursing Care

Our nursing team are carefully recruited by management and alongside the requirement for experience and knowledge of working within the care industry, it is essential that they possess key personal attributes essential for providing quality clinical care that you and family can always expect.

We employ generous levels of registered nurses and are proud to declare that our teams are dedicated, and passionate about their work. They are well supported by a clinical lead in each home, our Director of nursing and managers who are also nurse qualified and highly experienced.

Each nursing home has 24 hour nurse leadership who will co-ordinate and guide a team of carers all dedicated to supporting people with both simple and complex nursing needs.

Our registered nurses tailor our care planning and care delivery to the unique and individual nursing needs of the people we care for. That might, for example, include residents who need rehabilitative care following a stroke, injury or operation, physical disabilities or a resident living with dementia or other long-term conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or respiratory illness.

We carefully assess the level of nursing care for each resident and from this, create a collaborative care plan that is tailored to all of the needs of the individual. This plan is agreed with the resident, their family and health professionals to ensure it meets all their personal needs. Our care plans help ensure that each resident we care for is treated with respect and that their independence and choices are maximised. Should residents or their next of kin wish to view details or contribute to any changes, they are always welcome to view documentation and discuss any proposal with our clinical team.

Our care and nursing teams are given ongoing professional and personal development training to ensure we provide the very best clinical, emotional and social care. We work closely with a multidisciplinary team of GP’s, district nurses, mental health nurses, tissue viability nurses, falls teams, social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and other health professionals to build the ideal support structure to meet individual care needs. We recognise that each of our residents are unique and  together we will therefore deliver a unique and specialised package of care, ensuring your loved one is nurtured, happy, safe and secure.

Why Choose South Coast Nursing Home


In each home, we serve three meals a day and additional snacks and drinks are available as and when requested at any time of day or night.

Why Choose South Coast Nursing Home


We understand the importance of a well trained workforce. The moment we employ staff we support them with their training and development.

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