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To all the staff at Eastridge Manor

So where do i begin?

This is a note to convey my thanks to each and every one of you for your parts in caring for our mum Joan over the past 5 years. Catering, laundry, maintenance, domestic, nursing, caring, activities, management, admin, welfare, whoever and whatever your forte! You are all amazing!!

i have said our personal thanks to those of you who were working on the day we lost mum but must not forget to thank those of you who were not on duty on that particular day and the night staff who i rarely met but entertained brother Roger when he made his evening calls. I hear his nickname was ‘white coffee, one sugar’

Mum moved into Eastridge on 11th January 2003. I have seen staff changes in all departments and resident changes over this five year period and would be grateful if those of you who are in touch with past employees would thank them for their part n my behalf.

I don’t intend to lose touch and will venture back to visit when i am brave enough.

Hazel Lane and Roger Waters

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