Eastridge Manor Thursday 23rd May

 In Eastridge Manor, SCNH News

23rd May 

Today we had a visit from 8 school children from Twineham Primary school, they were all aged 10/11 years. Some of the children brought in items to talk about, we had an art project, collection of crystals and some photos of a girl doing her ballet dancing. The children chatted away about their items with our residents. Our residents had a lovely afternoon with them and have asked when they are coming back. We also received an email from the school – ‘Thank you so much to all of you for welcoming us this morning – we all really enjoyed it. One child has commented that it was the ”best day ever” Each and everyone of them have gained something valuable from the experience and have asked if they will be allowed to visit again”……Pleased to say that a visit has already been arranged

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