Offering Hope
& Comfort

Supporting our residents to live an active and fulfilled life.

South Coast Nursing Homes began with a single residential home in Worthing in 1959. It was started by George and Joyce Colville and is now owned and managed by successor family members of the next two generations. The business has grown progressively and is now eight homes with an emphasis on dementia care.

However the group has residential care and nursing care homes as well as the EMI focus. The company is amongst the largest private companies in Sussex and employs in excess of 460 staff and has 358 beds all in single rooms. As a company we have subscribed to the living wage for more than two years.

Our Caring Team

Our team has developed over the years and listed below is the management structure across the eight homes. In addition we have a modern head office in Worthing with experienced personnel and a very comprehensive training team which includes a nursing development role.

  • Lisa Laker
    Lisa Laker Abundant Grace Manager
  • Laura Thumwood
    Laura Thumwood Abundant Grace Deputy
  • Sam White
    Sam White Berkeley Lodge Manager
  • Rachel Winter
    Rachel Winter Berkeley Lodge Deputy
  • Marianne Edmeads
    Marianne Edmeads Blatchington Manor Manager
  • Carys Storoszko
    Carys Storoszko Blatchington Manor Deputy
  • Jenny Kramer
    Jenny Kramer Eastridge Manor Manager
  • Reg Edirmanasinghe
    Reg Edirmanasinghe Eastridge Manor Deputy
  • Donna Harwood
    Donna Harwood Fernbank Manager
  • Linda Smith
    Linda Smith Fernbank Deputy
  • Debbie Hathaway
    Debbie Hathaway Pentlands Manager
  • Amanda Lednor
    Amanda Lednor Pentlands Deputy
  • Karen Abraham
    Karen Abraham Manager in Training
  • Mikela Cox
    Mikela Cox Acting Manager

Life at SCNH

A first class, spacious environment

South Coast Nursing Homes are proud to offer a first class, spacious environment in all our homes, allowing a luxurious and comfortable stay for our residents. Beautifully appointed and well – designed rooms offer facilities and expertise that provide for a lifestyle that is both happy and peaceful for those living here.

Both residential and nursing settings have all the comforts and luxuries that one can expect to find ‘at home’, including stylishly decorated lounges, various dining areas, activity suites, and private, secure beautifully landscaped gardens. Bedrooms are tastefully furnished with excellent quality furniture and with modern but discreet nursing equipment.

Providing a happy & fulfilling working environment

SCNH endeavours to provide a happy and fulfilling working environment for our staff with ongoing training and professional development provided by our highly qualified training team and specialist practice development nurse.

Staff are carefully recruited by management and alongside the requirement for experience and knowledge of within the care industry, it is essential that they possess key personal attributes essential for providing quality and nurturing care that you and family can always expect.

We employ very generous levels of staff and are proud to declare that our teams are dedicated, and passionate about their work. They feel well supported and are highly motivated individuals.

Fresh, varied and locally sourced ingredients

At SCNH, we prepare all meals in our kitchens using fresh, varied and locally sourced ingredients. We strive to ensure that all of our residents continue to enjoy highly nutritious and appetising dishes either in the congenial setting of our restaurant style dining rooms or in the comfort of a resident’s bedroom.

All are welcome to participate

Family and friends are welcome to participate in all our community activities and events – and free to come and go as they like. We encourage guests to spend time with residents at any time of day or night, so you never have to plan around “visiting hours.”

We also recognise the importance of communicating openly and regularly with family members to ensure we are providing the very best service to our residents. We aim to make a real difference to the lives of our residents by providing a lifestyle of choice and activity that is centred on personal interests and thereby celebrating the individuality of our residents.

Activities form an important part of the day and will range from a health focus with physiotherapy exercises, to the more fun activities such as trips to the local garden centre, hobbies, crafts, visits from the hairdresser and reminiscence therapy.

Why Choose Us



In each home, we serve three meals a day and additional snacks and drinks are available as and when requested at any time of day or night.



We understand the importance of a well trained workforce. The moment we employ staff we support them with their training and development.



We employ generous levels of registered nurses and are proud to declare that our teams are dedicated, and passionate about their work.

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